Administrative Law

Our Firm provides legal advice and representation to national and multinational clients on administrative, regulatory and interaction with government agencies.

We offer our clients services comprising all kinds of administrative procedures before federal, state and local authorities, agreements, legal advice and representation on public biddings and privatizations, legal defense procedures against any governmental resolution, throughout various legal procedures and resources.

Additionally, CCA assists its clients to comply with administrative provisions in order to obtain licenses, permits and authorizations, before Federal, State and Municipal government agencies.


  1. Legal representation and advise on authority inspections.
  2. Licenses, permits and authorizations before federal, state and local authorities.
  3. Legal representation on matters related to administrative responsibility of public officers.
  4. Legal advice on public procurement, governmental acquisitions and bidding processes.
  5. Design and implementation of compliance, anti money-laundering and anti-corruption internal regulations.
  6. Preventive audits regarding administrative licenses, permits and authorizations on regulatory matters.
  7. Legal advice on expropriation cases.
  8. Implementation of legal strategies in order to comply with the required Mexican legislation to prevent legal contingencies.
  9. Administrative litigation before various courts and tribunals.
  10. Administrative procedures representation.

Head of department

Gabriel Espinosa