Broad experience in the representation of multinational and domestic corporations in the antitrust assessment of mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and other types of collaborations pursuant to Mexican antitrust regulation. Our services include:

• Antitrust filings for the clearance of transactions subject to pre-merger approval from the Mexican Economic Competition Commission (“COFECE”) under applicable law.

• Legal advice on antitrust compliance, including the design and implementation of policies, guidelines and training sessions under compliance programs.

• Analysis of contracts and legal guidance to avoid the infringement of applicable law with respect to cartels, abuse of dominance and other forbidden practices based on regulations, criteria and case law experience in Mexico.

• Collaboration with foreign law firms in the antitrust assessment of M&A transactions and contracts with international scope.

• Support in the preparation of information or consultation for inquiries made by the antitrust authority during investigations, and evaluation of circumstances to determine the feasibility of filing antitrust complaints for the initiation of investigations.