Through our Antitrust and M&A practices, we have represented a variety of multinational and domestic corporations in the analysis of regulated mergers, acquisitions and other types of concentrations pursuant to applicable antitrust law. Our team has worked in filing notices of potential transactions subject to pre-merger approval.

We have also participated in presenting requests for consultations and private rulings and giving advice and assistance regarding the Mexican Antitrust Commission visits and requests of information. Under the Mexican Antitrust law approved by mid of year 2014, the Mexican authority is entitled to perform dawn raids. Our administrative and regulatory attorneys are well updated on these amendments to provide legal advice and assistance in these matters.

Cuesta Campos has also experience in assessing, analyzing, and representing our clients’ interests, helping them to carry out commercial and corporate projects subject to legal antitrust compliance.

In addition, CCA has experience in the analysis, advise and structuring of our clients’ business and compliance policies, to avoid the infringement of applicable law with respect to practices forbidden per se or vertical restrictions that could be subject to sanctions due to abuse of dominance or other forbidden practices.