Our Contract Law specialists interact with any other pertinent area within the firm to provide the best service throughout all stages of negotiation. Our scope of involvement ranges from the drafting of Memoranda of Understanding, letters of intent, and/or preliminary agreements, legal due diligence, compliance of conditions, to the final agreement and related contracts and exhibits as well as post-closing matters.

In addition, whenever required by the implications and scale of the transactions, we provide parallel counsel in related matters, such as:

  1. Drafting special clauses or agreements, as well as arbitration agreements, to establish binding dispute resolution alternatives.
  2. Drafting and negotiation of all kind of trust agreements, particularly real estate, management and guarantee trusts, among others.
  3. Analysis and support for the obtaining of corporate approvals, governmental authorizations, permits and licenses as required by the contract.
  4. Analysis and support of inter-company transactions, along with the drafting of the corresponding agreements. These include loan agreements, Maquila manufacturing arrangements and liability agreements.
  5. Legal due diligence to determine the situation of the interest in question.
  6. Notices and negotiations with the Federal Competition Commission according to each agreement’s antitrust impact.

Cuesta Campos Contract law practice comprises a thorough understanding of the business objectives of our clients in order to ensure their achievement. We help our clients to understand the legal implications and the best alternatives to structure transactions and put them in writing.

We work closely with other pertinent practice areas, as required, depending on the scope, complexity and implications of each transaction. Our services include the drafting and negotiation of domestic and international agreements. We also review and amend diverse documents according to our client’s needs and interests.