Energy Law

Our energy practice offers legal advice to our clients on the energy sector, supporting projects focused on renewable energy, hydrocarbons, electric energy and geothermic energy.

In addition, CCA provides a full range of legal services for the implementation of such projects, including financing, construction and electrical facilities operation, production plants, and natural gas pipeline installation.

Our energy practice includes expertise in exploration and extraction agreements; lease, operation and maintenance for production equipment agreements.

Furthermore, we advise on the design and implementation of corporate, tax and labor structures for the fulfillment of such energy projects, including joint ventures.

We also offer legal representation on procedures for governmental acquisitions, and approvals from federal, state and local authorities.


  1. Licenses, permits and authorizations for the performance of activities comprised in the energy reform.
  2. Legal advice and representation on public biddings and acquisitions.
  3. Legal advice on expropriation matters.
  4. Legal assistance on authority inspections.
  5. Legal regulation on energy matters.
  6. Preventive audits regarding administrative licenses, permits and authorizations.