We seek to give consistent professional advice to our clients, which will enable them to enjoy maximum economic benefits while still taking a socially responsible and committed approach to environment.

To this end, we have a skilled technical and legal team capable of giving our client’s needs an immediate and comprehensive response. Our firm has the legal and technical capacity to face any emergency or unforeseen event.

We have wide counseling experience in the management of hazardous and nonhazardous waste as well as air pollution control. Moreover, we have experience in all relevant administrative procedures including inspections and oversight by the federal environmental protection authority and all other inspections conducted in the procurement of environmental permits, licenses or authorizations.

Our environmental services include:

  1. Federal and State administrative proceedings.
  2. Processing of environmental permits and authorizations.
  3. Environmental impact statements.
  4. Counsel in asset and real estate acquisitions and projects.
  5. Water concessions.
  6. Advice in waste management and air pollution issues.
  7. General advice on environmental matters.

Cuesta Campos is aware that the mismanagement of raw materials and waste has detrimental effects on the environment. Thus, we are committed to helping maintain a clean environment for all Mexican residents through environmental compliance and a conciliatory approach to Mexican businesses and to industries established in Mexico.