International Trade

Focusing on 3 areas of experience:

  1. Customs law: Regimes, customs valuation, regulations, foreign trade taxes, customs offenses and penalties.
  2. Registration, compliance and administrative controls for foreign trade development programs: IMMEX.
  3. Administrative customs clearance procedures.
  4. Tariff and non-tariff regulations for import and export: tariff classification, identification of requirements, compliance approaches.
  5. Legal basis, planning and documentary review for: change to definitive importation regime, VAT zero rating, virtual exports, foreign trade reporting.
  6. Has participated in the preparation of pledge agreements in connection with important loan transactions by leading foreign banks;
  7. Certificates of origin: tariff preferences, origin criteria, forms, schedules, etc.
  8. Tax aspects of foreign trade: duties, determinations, etc.
Audit and compliance:
  1. Export development programs (IMMEX).
  2. Inventory control for temporarily exported merchandise.
  3. Zero-rated transactions for VAT purposes through virtual exports.
  4. Definitive imports and exports, customs deposit, change of customs regime, and other definitive regimes.
  5. Proper disposal of waste from temporarily imported merchandise.
Procedures and representation:
  1. Registered importers and prior import and export permits.
  2. Filing and extension of development programs.
  3. Duty drawback.
  4. Certificates of origin.

Cuesta Campos understands the strain businesses face with the different countries trading regulations.

Therefore we have brought together a team of experts to offer legal counsel and specialized services in International Trade.