Labor and Employment

Cuesta Campos provides counseling in labor, employment and social security matters. We participate in the design of labor strategies in startups, mergers, acquisitions, sales of businesses, windup, employee and labor union relationships, as well as companies’ day-to-day duties. Our firm performs labor compliance audits regarding the implementation of preventive or corrective measures.

We are experienced in negotiating collective agreements, including negotiations with labor unions.

Our firm advises its clients in the preparation and review of individual labor agreements of all kinds, internal regulations customized according to company’s philosophy, creation and operation of the required commissions (training, safety and hygiene, profit sharing and internal workplace regulations, among others). We evaluate administrative control systems such as receipts, time reports and overtime for their validity and enforceability. We assist companies to in the development of employee benefit policies and plans, savings funds, private pension plans and employee stock option programs, as well as performance oriented commissions or bonuses, Design of social security strategies for mergers, acquisitions, sales, windups, employee transfers and corporate economic considerations, Social security and housing fund (Infonavit) audits, advise and litigation against authorities’ resolutions.

Cuesta Campos handles the study and analysis of termination of working relationship and severance processes, according to the applicable individual and collective labor agreements. We assess the labor implications of service agreements of our clients and the individuals and companies they hire, and help them implement strategies to avoid unnecessary contingencies.

In addition, we counsel our clients in relation to inspections conducted by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare on both the Federal and State level. In cooperation with our IP practice group, we protect the personnel’s access and use of company’s proprietary information.