As the Meritas representative firm in Mexico, the services offered by the Cuesta Campos litigation practice focus primarily on court disputes involving domestic and international corporations alike in both civil and commercial matters. Our litigators have extensive experience in corporate, contract, real estate and family law, as well as in administrative, labor and intellectual property law.

They are qualified for counseling our clients in all sorts of economic legal disputes that could affect their operations and legal standing, as either plaintiffs or defendants. Our litigators provide advice on relevant actions or defenses in any given case. This includes the preparation and filing to lawsuits, counterclaims, discovery, and all appeals or filings necessary to address and follow the judicial process in all courts through its final conclusion.

Cuesta Campos Litigation Practice works in full cooperation and constant communication with our clients: we discuss and assess strategies in order to follow and evaluate potential costs, benefits and risks thereof, providing first-rate legal support at a reasonable cost.

The Litigation practice of Cuesta Campos is comprised by a skilled and experienced team. Our attorneys represent our clients in a wide variety of trials before Mexican Federal and State courts.