Mergers and Acquisitions

We are actively involved in domestic and international M&A transactions. CCA represents corporate groups as well as multinational corporations from various countries. We provide each of our clients with tailor made solutions to their M&A legal needs.

Our due diligence audits comprise the review and analysis of, among others, corporate matters, tax, foreign trade, labor, environmental, real estate and financial. Additionally, we advise our clients on the drafting and negotiation of windup agreements and any related documents to protect their interests and avoid potential legal contingencies.

CCA M&A practice include analysis and establishment of investment vehicles, restructuring alternatives and special filings and proceedings to perfect the transaction including the review, compliance and filing of antitrust and other authorities approval required.

CCA has taken the lead in designing creative deal structures.

CCA has broad experience in the representation, negotiation and counseling on acquisitions and sales of stock and assets of foreign and Mexican entities, mergers and joint ventures in a variety of industries and business sectors.

We conduct extensive and efficient due diligence for our clients in all areas of the law in order to determine the legal status of the companies and/or assets to be acquired.