Considering that tax regulations are frequently amended, which increases the complexity of this particular area, Cuesta Campos offers legal advise and representation and litigation on federal, state or local tax matters.

CCA offers a wide range of tax services such as structuring and designing tax complying structures for a variety of business and industries, investment projects and emerging businesses.

Our tax lawyers have substantial experience in protecting our clients’ interests against adverse rulings from tax authorities.

We assist our clients on tax controversies by filing legal resources against rulings determining unlawful tax credits from the tax authorities.

Also, we are well versed on administrative appeals and litigation in the Federal Tribunal for tax and administrative affairs within the Mexican territory.

In addition, we represent clients in all aspects of federal, state, and local tax controversies, by preparing and filing the Amparo legal resource against administrative actions and rulings, or by designing defense strategies against tax laws that can be declared unconstitutional by the authorities.