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Aware of the importance of international trade in the competitiveness of our customers, and knowing the complexities in the simultaneous fulfillment of obligations in different countries, our team of experts has extensive experience in consulting, audit and procedures related to imports and exports, customs, maquila programs and sectoral promotion, fiscal strategies, as well as the extensive network of trade agreements that Mexico has signed.

Cuesta Campos participated in the renegotiation of the following treaties, coordinating the Round Table Investment Board:

• North American Free Trade Agreement (2017 - to date)
• Free Trade Agreement between Mexico and the European Union (2018)
Pacific Alliance (2018 - to date)

Our services include:

Customs Law

Foreign Trade Programs

Import and Export

Preventive Audits and Compliance with Obligations

Procedures and Representation





Representation in customs matters before the Mexican authorities for a leading footwear manufacturing company. Legal advice in the process of reorganization of its import and export mechanisms to be in compliance with Mexican laws, as well as with international treaties in foreign trade matters and with the IMMEX program.


Preventive audit in all foreign trade transactions carried out by the Mexican subsidiary of a leading telecommunications company to ensure compliance with Mexican legislation.


Legal advice for a world leader in the manufacture of electronic products in the evaluation of its foreign trade operations. Their import and export procedures were analyzed in Mexico, and the implementation of policies to control the management and logistics of their foreign trade operations was carried out.


Representation and legal advice for two leading companies in the industry dedicated to the production of dairy during the customs process in Mexico and the verification of their audits with the Tax Administration Service.


Representation and legal advice for one of the leading companies in the production of fabrics and carpets for their customs process in Mexico and the verification of their audits before the Tax Administration Service.


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