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Compliance and Corporate Governance

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In view of the complexity and constant evolution of the legal landscape, companies are increasingly faced with the need to adopt regulatory compliance and risk prevention programs in order to avoid the delicate problems of non-compliance with the law.

Cuesta Campos has extensive experience in advising national and multinational companies in the analysis of risks related to the operation of the company; as well as in the design and implementation of practices, programs and internal procedures to ensure the prevention, detection and correction of violations of the law or company policies.

Our services include:

Implementation of internal procedures and policies to prevent corrupt practices. Compliance with applicable national and international legislation, such as the National Anticorruption System, the United States (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act) and the United Kingdom (UK Anti-Bribery Act).

Research services to identify violations of internal or external regulations, as well as advice on the application of corrective measures.

Attention to procedures of public procurement of goods and services (directly or through agents) in order to prevent corrupt practices, as well as to perform risk analysis of business partners.

Preparation of documents to regulate the compliance of norms, policies and procedures in matters of corruption, confidentiality, protection of personal data, money laundering, criminal, economic competition, among others, in transactions with business partners.

Preventive audits in terms of personal data protection and confidentiality to identify internal processes for handling information and data, thus ensuring compliance with applicable regulations.

Analysis of the operations of the companies to identify if some type of vulnerable activity is carried out, as well as the implementation of strategies for the fulfillment of obligations in the matter of money laundering.

Training services in the different aspects of corporate compliance.

Review of contracts and business plans identifying risk areas and ensuring adequate practices for regulatory compliance.


Advice to transnational companies in the implementation of comprehensive data protection programs, including the revision and updating of international policies to adapt them to the Mexican Legislation regarding Personal Data. Preparation and implementation of internal procedures for data processing, privacy notices, confidentiality clauses and all the documentation required for the appropriate processing of personal data.


Preparation and delivery of trainings to one of the main companies in the manufacture of suspensions for cars worldwide, in terms of prevention of corruption in the organization, as well as to avoid behaviors that can be sanctioned as monopolistic practices.


Our experience in Data Protection includes the review of the implications and the implementation of the appropriate legal strategy for the transfer of personal information in transactions related to the acquisition of assets (for example, lists of clients, employees, etc.)


Review and implementation of measures related to the handling of Personal Data for companies that obtain information through electronic media. The analysis included the definition of mechanisms to obtain correctly the consent for the use of personal information, as well as to carry out investigations on the holders of personal information before the Credit Bureau for the granting of loans.


Cuesta Campos has conducted various training for clients about Mexican legislation, Compliance and Personal Data, with the objective of ensuring compliance by its compliance officers, the way in which confidential documents and information should be used, to implement prevention and control measures, among other essential aspects. The training focuses specifically on the obligations and needs of each company considering his industry and business.


Our firm advised a leading real estate company in the implementation of internal policies and procedures to ensure compliance with money laundering prevention regulations in Mexico, including the filing of notifications with the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU).


Cuesta Campos analyzed the electronic platform used by distributors and consultants of a world leader in the manufacture of beauty and personal care products, to ensure compliance with legal requirements in terms of privacy, confidentiality, data protection and business, including the acceptance of terms and policies, as well as the authentication of electronic signatures.


Cuesta Campos advised a leading global company in footwear, clothing and sports equipment, in reviewing the legal impact of the launch of its electronic store in Mexico, with a special focus on data protection and electronic commerce.


Cuesta Campos gave training on FPCA for one of the most important food distribution companies in Mexico after the acquisition of a significant percentage of its shares by a North American company. The training allowed managers to identify and eliminate risk practices, and adjust their activities and processes to the framework established by said law.


Review of the compliance program of one of the leading companies in electronic toll technology; code of ethics, privacy policies, gift policies, confidentiality, work, among others. Advice on bidding processes to avoid the commission of corrupt practices that could violate both the national legislation on corruption, and the different foreign regulations on the subject (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act).


"His team is recognized for representing multinational clients in acquisitions in Mexico, as well as for his experience in legal audits in anticorruption, and the firm advises a remarkable list of clients with a high global impact."

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"The practice has particular strength in financial services and in the automotive sector, has developed considerable expertise in economic competition and anti-corruption, both local and international, and has solid experience in advising organizations, particularly in Corporate, Tax, Labor, Trade Law, Foreign and Real Estate. "

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