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Environmental Law

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We provide legal advice to obtain the maximum economic benefit while maintaining a committed and socially responsible environmental approach. Our team provides an immediate and comprehensive response to face any emergency or eventuality. We have experience in the management of toxic and non-toxic waste, as well as control of air pollution. We have performed different administrative procedures, including inspections and supervision of federal, state and municipal environmental protection authorities, as well as obtaining permits, licenses and authorizations in the matter.

Our services include:

Advice on compliance with environmental obligations and obtaining the necessary permits, registrations and authorizations.

Federal, state and municipal administrative procedures.

Environmental impact. Advice on procedures that require environmental impact studies, representation in nullity trials derived from penalties for inaccurate classifications.

Water concessions.

Advice on waste management and air pollution.

Advice on real estate acquisitions and projects, including hotel developments on aspects of coastal conservation, perfectibility, environmental impact, land use, water supply, eco-tourism, etc.

Strategies to comply with the regulations applicable to Contaminated Sites, Remediation and Land Use.

Advice, solutions and risk assessment regarding operations, financing and development of infrastructure and energy projects.

In mining law, we advise on the obtaining, maintenance and renewal of concessions, permits, authorizations and mining procedures, attention to inspections, advice on community relations, competitions, transfer of rights and various regulatory matters in compliance with obligations.


Growth of a leading pharmaceutical company in Mexico and Latin America. Our firm carried out the urbanization of properties, including consultation and legal support in relation to the declaration of urban land, negotiation of the donation of areas for cession in favor of the municipality, compliance with environmental laws, land use reports, certificates of alignment and official number, building licenses, operating licenses, as well as other permits required for the operation of the pharmaceutical company.


Advice to Japanese companies dedicated to the manufacture of auto parts, from the acquisition of properties either through purchase, built to suit lease, or lease for its operation in Mexico, including audits in environmental and agrarian matters.


Regularization and compliance with diverse environmental regulations in favor of industrial complexes with productions that represent emissions to the atmosphere, handling of hazardous waste, special obligations for the discharge of wastewater, etc.


Design and implementation of corporate structures for a world leading company in the mining industry, including the preparation of agreements for the transfer of rights and mining concession titles.


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