Practice Areas

Immigration Law

of the Area and Services

Cuesta Campos offers consulting and representation in the fulfillment of obligations before the National Institute of Migration (INM). We participate in the processing, follow-up and relief of matters related to the legal stay of foreigners for the performance of various activities in Mexico.

Our services include:

Process for obtaining visas for foreign employees.

Process for obtaining immigrant permits to carry out activities with special regulation.

Procedures for obtaining Mexican citizenship.

We manage the immigration process for the residence permit for foreigners in Mexico, as well as for their spouses, children and other members or employees of the family. We advise on the temporary importation of household goods, cars and other items.


Support to the internal legal department of one of the leading companies in the manufacture of electronics in the field of immigration, from high-level officials with foreign nationalities who need to stay in Mexico for a long term, to temporary visitors who participate in special projects, in obtaining work visas and entry and exit permits, as well as any document that allows them and their families to remain legally in the country and facilitate the performance of their duties in accordance with migration regulations. In the same way, CCA supports the company in complying with its periodic obligations before the immigration authorities.