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The term Fintech responds to the combination of words "Financial Technology" and refers to companies that offer financial services based on new technologies.

The irruption of these in the finance market has revolutionized the basis of competition as well as the way in which financial services are planned, executed and consumed.

Fintech have shown that innovation in business models is viable in the financial environment.

Our team is kept up to date regarding fintech legislation, with special emphasis on the secondary regulations of the Law to Regulate Financial Technology Institutions (Fintech Law), as well as on the other new principles and regulations issued by the Mexican financial authorities.

We have advised renowned Fintech companies in their authorizations as Financial Technology Institutions, and have made proposals for financial regulation for this sector.

Sources remark that the lawyers are "very knowledgeable and they take the initiative, always following up without being asked."

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Clients are impressed by the team, stating: "The firm offers a great service that provides resolution for the various issues we face on a regular basis; its lawyers have solid abilities in delivering insightful recommendations."

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